Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Candidates

Most people who choose rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery are unhappy with the size or shape of the nose and wish to make their nose more proportionate to other facial features.

A smaller percentage of the nose reshaping surgery candidates comprises patients who suffer from breathing issues and discomfort arising from nasal structure abnormalities or nose injuries in the past.

Ideal nose surgery candidates are in good overall health and are aware of the risks associated with rhinoplasty surgery. They also have a positive mindset and realistic expectations from this procedure.

Board certified plastic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD provides rhinoplasty to patients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA , and surrounding locations in this region of The Golden State.

Characteristics of a Typical Rhinoplasty Candidate

A rhinoplasty candidate may have:

  • a nose that they feel is too big or too small relative to other facial features
  • a bump on the nasal bridge
  • a wide nose
  • a nose tip that protrudes, droops, or is enlarged
  • a bulbous tip
  • nostrils that are too pinched or flared
  • a nose that is off-center or crooked
  • an asymmetrical nose due to a nose injury
  • breathing issues because of abnormalities of the internal nasal structure (due to a deviated septum or related conditions)

Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Safe for Teen Candidates?

Nose reshaping surgery is one of the most sought-after procedures among teens today. It is vital for teen patients as well as their surgeons to assess whether rhinoplasty is the right plastic surgery option. The surgeon must make sure that the teen patient wants to undergo this procedure out of their own free will and not due to parental or peer pressure.

Surgeons usually recommend that girls should wait until age 14 or 15 while boys should wait for a few more years beyond that before undergoing a nose reshaping procedure. The nose growth would be complete for teenage candidates by this time.

Specific Goals

Rhinoplasty can help improve the nose’s size, shape, and appearance. Sometimes the plastic surgeon may suggest a chin implant to be inserted along with a nose reshaping surgery. This will enable the facial features to appear more balanced. Patients usually have the following requirements from a rhinoplasty surgeon:

  • Narrow the nose bridge
  • Narrow or widen their nostrils
  • Straighten their crooked noses
  • Reshape the nose tip
  • Change the angle between their upper lips and noses

In a majority of cases, the rhinoplasty surgeon places incisions within the nose or outside the nose in a discreet area. The goal of minimal scarring is a part of the broad objective of appearance enhancement while maintaining a natural look.

Ethnic Candidates for Rhinoplasty

People from Afro-Caribbean, Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Middle Eastern descent are common candidates for rhinoplasty. Individuals from these ethnicities usually have softer nasal contours. The surgeon will strive to preserve the uniqueness of the patient’s face in ethnic rhinoplasty.

Compassionate and dependable cosmetic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD receives patients from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and other towns and neighborhoods in this part of the state for rhinoplasty.

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