Dr. Roger Tsai knows that the recovery process from a breast augmentation is just as important as the surgery itself. That’s why he creates detailed treatment strategies based on each patient’s specific goals, including a thorough recovery plan. Read below for some of the most important advice Dr. Tsai gives his patients during this time, as well as what to expect.

Will I Need Time to Recover from Anesthesia?

Breast augmentations are performed with the aid of general anesthesia, which typically takes around four to eight hours to wear off completely. A trusted family member or close friend will need to drive you home, usually one or two hours after surgery.

Will I Be In Pain?

Most patients report a small amount of swelling, soreness, and/or tightness over the next few weeks as the breast tissue stretches to adhere to its new size. If necessary, Dr. Tsai will prescribe oral pain medication and temporarily limit your intake of aspirin and ibuprofen. While resting at home, you may use a cold compress to alleviate any further discomfort, following a pattern of 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

How Should I Protect My Breasts After Surgery?

At the end of your operation, Dr. Tsai will place bandages on your incisions to keep them clean and protected. The incisions may also have small tubes placed in them for a short time, enabling any excess fluid to drain. Both the bandages and tubes will be removed in a few days.

Additionally, you will be given a compression garment or surgical bra without underwire, which you must wear for four to six weeks, except when showering. Besides protecting the breasts from outside injury, its purpose is to minimize swelling and help the breasts heal correctly.

When Can I Go Back to Work and the Gym?

Most of Dr. Tsai’s patients return to work and their regular routine just a few days later. You will need to hold off on strenuous activities like the gym (and your job, if it is physically demanding) for four to six weeks.

At that time, he will likely approve of you getting back to arm and body workouts. For chest presses and similar exercises that put a lot of strain on your treatment area, he will ask you to wait at least another month. Your health and recovery will be carefully evaluated at each follow-up appointment to ensure your safety as you return to your daily habits.

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Will I Have Scars?

Every invasive procedure comes with some form of scarring, but these are minimal with breast augmentation. Incisions are usually placed in one of the following ways:

  • Inframammary – Crease under the breast
  • Periareolar – Around the perimeter of the areola, hidden within the darker pigmentation
  • Transaxillary – In a crease within the armpit

After your breast augmentation, your scars will initially be under a lot of stress as your skin is stretched to its new size. However, Dr. Tsai has various methods of reducing their appearance. For example, he will probably suggest a silicone cream be applied at home starting one month after surgery and continuing until the seven-month mark.

Quick and Easy Recovery with Dr. Tsai

Dr. Tsai is committed to doing everything possible to give you the quickest recovery period and best results possible. For more information on the breast augmentation healing process, contact our office in West Hollywood today.

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