Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Procedure Steps

The mommy makeover cosmetic surgery typically involves combining two or more aesthetic procedures to restore the patient’s pre-pregnancy appearance safely and effectively.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will highlight the steps involved in the mommy makeover surgery. This helps the patient establish a clear understanding of the procedure and feel confident about her decision.

The procedural steps in a mommy makeover differ between patients depending on the individualized surgical plan to suit their specific cosmetic and anatomical requirements. Board certified plastic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD provides mommy makeover to patients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA , and surrounding communities and towns in this area of the country.

Surgical Plan

The mommy makeover surgery is a comprehensive procedure. The surgeon’s objective will be to create an individualized surgical plan that is customized to meet the particular needs of a patient. This enables them to achieve more significant and targeted outcomes in a less invasive way.

The surgeon will provide recommendations on the appropriate procedures after assessing the patient’s fat tissue deposits, body type, and elasticity of the skin. This plan will include the individual aesthetic requirements and objectives of the patient to create satisfying outcomes.


The mommy makeover surgery requires the administration of general anesthesia to the patient. The patient will be unconscious throughout the surgery and will not feel any discomfort. An anesthesiologist or registered anesthetist nurse will induce the general anesthesia. They will also be present during the surgery to oversee the patient’s response to the anesthetic.

The decision to administer anesthesia will be made in agreement with the patient after assessing key health parameters to establish her fitness.

Placement of Incisions

In case the mommy makeover procedure includes a tummy tuck surgery, the surgeon will place a hip to hip incision slightly above the pubic area. The surgeon may use liposuction to improve the contour in some areas. This procedure involves the placement of small cuts in strategic areas of stubborn fat deposits.

Breast augmentation and breast lift are also a part of a mommy makeover surgery in some cases. The surgeon will aim to hide the incision lines within the natural creases of the breasts. They will also try to use common incisions to conduct different procedures. The surgeon’s goal will be to create targeted outcomes in a less invasive manner.


The surgeon will use silicone or saline implants through a cut placed around the breast if the patient’s breasts have lost volume after pregnancy. If the breast skin is lax, then loose skin may be removed to undertake a breast lift in conjunction with the implants. This can create more youthful appearing and firmer breasts.

The surgeon may use liposuction on the thighs, hips, flanks, upper arms, or abdomen. Along with liposuction, the surgery usually involves a tummy tuck to create a tauter, smoother abdomen with lesser stretch marks. When the procedure is complete, the surgeon will carefully close the incisions with sutures.

Committed cosmetic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD receives patients from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas across the horizon for mommy makeover surgery.

For more information on cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and treatments by Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, Roger Tsai, MD please click here or call us at 310.276.1190. Taking patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Orange County, Southern California and other surrounding cities.

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