Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction plastic surgery will involve a significant recovery process, including downtime of around one week. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will explain all facets of the procedure to the patient, such as the approximate recovery time.

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Initial Recovery Period

The recovery process may last for a few days after liposuction surgery. The duration of the recovery phase will depend on the size of the treated area as well as the type of liposuction technique used.

For at least the initial few weeks after liposuction surgery, surgeons usually instruct patients to wear compression garments for better healing. Most patients will feel well enough to take off their compression garment after a few weeks.

Some patients report pain after their liposuction procedure. This pain is typically mild, and pain medicines as well as taking gentle walks at home can help mitigate it.

A majority of patients can move and walk around normally within a week of their liposuction surgery.

Looking Forward

They can even resume work with negligible discomfort. Patients should take showers rather than baths for the initial few days after liposuction surgery. Swelling, bruising, and numbness will begin to resolve during this period.

There will be drainage of the anesthetic solution from the incision in the initial few days after tumescent liposuction. This drainage is normal, and it improves healing and reduces the recovery time in liposuction patients. To clear the drainage, the surgeon may attach drain tubes in the initial week.

Recovery in the Initial Few Weeks

The swelling will continue to resolve over the next several weeks after a liposuction cosmetic surgery procedure.

Once the inflammation settles, the results of the liposuction become more visible. If the treatment area is substantial, the recovery period will be more extensive.

In addition to the inflammation, the skin around the treated area may appear loose. However, it will appear tauter after some time and should return to normal in around six months. But this depends on the elasticity of the skin, which is determined by age and genetics.

Liposuction patients should examine their incision sites for signs of infection regularly. In addition, they should also schedule follow-up appointments with their plastic surgeon for an evaluation of the healing.

At times, excessive swelling can be a sign of other risks or side-effects. For this reason, it is vital for patients to communicate with their surgeon to ensure that the healing process is predictable and safe.

Exercising after Liposuction

Before commencing exercise after liposuction surgery, patients should seek precise, specific instructions from their surgeon.

Plastic surgeons usually recommend patients to begin with a gentle walking regimen within three to four days of their liposuction surgery. In addition to other post-operative complications, mild exercise prevents blood clot formation in the legs.

Patients can often start increasing their activity levels within two weeks of their liposuction procedure. But they should not perform vigorous exercise for at least the initial month following the procedure enabling the body to heal effectively.


The complete outcomes of the liposuction procedure will manifest in several months after the procedure. Specific outcomes will be visible right after the procedure.

Liposuction can remove up to ten pounds of fat creating well-defined contours. The surgery is designed to enhance the shape of the body, but it is not meant to be a weight-loss procedure.

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