Facelift Plastic Surgery Risks & Safety

Developments in surgical technologies and techniques have made facelift cosmetic surgery safer and less invasive over the years.

Similar to any surgical procedure, facelift surgery also has some inherent risks. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient on various facets of the facelift surgery, including its risks of complications.

Patients should freely ask the surgeon questions on the risks and safety of facelift surgery. They should satisfy themselves completely before going ahead with the procedure. A committed surgeon will answer all questions and resolve any doubts that the patient may have regarding the facelift.

Astute board certified plastic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD provides facelift surgery to patients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA , and surrounding communities and suburbs in this region of the southwest.

Common Risks

Poor Reaction to Anesthesia

Surgeons typically choose to perform the facelift under general anesthesia. While administering anesthesia is a safe procedure, in some exceptional cases, it may lead to an adverse reaction. The risk of this occurrence is higher in patients who are suffering from a pre-existing health issue.


The risk of infection is present for any surgical procedure, and this risk is a part of the facelift surgery as well. To reduce this risk, it is important that the surgical facility maintains professional sanitation and cleanliness standards.

Patients should also minimize the risk themselves as well by dedicatedly following the surgeon’s post-op guidelines and ensuring that the incision sites are protected against contaminants and germs.


Hematoma develops if the patient experiences bleeding beneath the skin in the incision sites. It can cause discomfort in the impacted areas along with inflammation and skin discoloration. The patient may require additional treatment to address hematoma. Temporary drain tubes will help to minimize the risk of hematoma.

Nerve Damage

In rare cases, an aggressive facelift plastic surgery procedure may lead to a cut or nick in a facial nerve. This can lead to numbness in the face, or in extreme situations, facial paralysis. But usually treating this condition is possible and the damage will likely not be permanent.

Unfavorable Scarring

A facelift is a significant surgical procedure. It will involve some level of scarring. However, an expert surgeon will place the incisions discreetly to ensure that any future scarring remains hidden. However, the scarring in rare cases may be visible, and the scars may not be inconspicuous behind the hair or in the hairline.

Reducing the Risks

In order to reduce the risks associated with the facelift, the patient should select a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Surgeons who are certified by the board usually invest in the most modern surgical techniques, maintain top quality standards, pursue on-going education, and follow recent safety protocols.

On their part, the patient should honestly disclose all pertinent information that the surgeon requires related to their medical condition, medication intake, and smoking and drinking behaviors. This will allow the surgeon to make the necessary modifications to minimize the surgical risk.

Devoted cosmetic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD receives patients from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and other suburbs and towns in this part of America for a facelift surgery.

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