Buttock Augmentation With Fat Grafting (Transfer)

An increasing number of patients are seeking buttock augmentation with fat grafting plastic surgery in the United States today.

Brazilian butt lift is a buttock enhancement fat transfer procedure undertaken by a cosmetic surgeon to augment to the shape and size of the posterior.

This procedure often includes enhancing the size, defining the contour, lifting the rear, improving the proportion, and creating tighter and firmer buttocks. Board certified plastic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD provides butt augmentation with fat transfer to patients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA , and surrounding locations.

Ideal Candidates

Brazilian butt lift cosmetic surgery involves the transfer of excess fats from specific sites of the body to the buttocks to enhance their size. For this reason, an ideal candidate for this procedure should have adequate fatty deposits available to perform the surgery.

It is vital that an individual seeking this surgery should have good general health and stable and moderate body weight. The quality of the skin should be fairly firm and elastic to accomplish ideal outcomes.

Surgical Procedure

The cosmetic surgeon will typically undertake Brazilian butt augmentation surgery on an outpatient basis. The time taken to complete the procedure may be between two to four hours, depending on the quantity of fat transfer involved. Certain primary stages of this plastic surgery include the following:

Tumescent Liposculpturing

The surgeon commences this procedure by injecting tumescent fluid in the treatment area. The fluid is generated by using a combination of local anesthetics and adrenaline. It is meant to numb the treatment sites as well as help control the bleeding. Subsequently, the surgeon will suction the fat out through a cannula.

Autologous Fat Transfer

After the surgeon has accumulated the fat through the Tumescent Liposculpturing procedure, it is processed in a sterile manner using an antibiotic solution prior to being placed in syringes. The syringes are then connected with a special cannula to inject the fat in a targeted manner into the deeper fat later in the buttock and buttock muscle.

Preparation Instruction

During the pre-operative consultation, an experienced plastic surgeon will carefully discuss the patient’s cosmetic goals and desires with them. Patients express their requirements concisely to the surgeon at this appointment.

Before the procedure, the surgeon will direct the patient to discontinue taking certain drugs in consultation with their doctor. In case the patient smokes, they will need to quit smoking several weeks before the surgery.


After a Brazilian butt lift surgery, mild soreness in the treated site, and inflammation and bruising are common. There may be temporary numbness, which will resolve by itself. While the inflammation will slowly reduce, it may be several weeks before it resolves completely.

A majority of patients are able to get up and walk within one or two days of the procedure and may be able to resume work within 10 to 14 days following the surgery.

Cosmetic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD receives patients from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for fat transfer butt augmentation surgery.

For more information on cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and treatments by Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, Roger Tsai, MD please click here or call us at 310.276.1190. Taking patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Orange County, Southern California and other surrounding cities.

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