Are you a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients who are displeased with the appearance of their rear, whether due to its size or shape or the presence of loose skin, can improve their body shape with Brazilian butt lift cosmetic surgery.

This procedure is usually effective for those who have lost weight and feel that their butt lack shape or those who merely want to enhance the appearance of their posterior.

A Brazilian butt lift can be tailored to meet the needs and desires of each individual patient. Board certified plastic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD provides Brazilian butt lift to patients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA , and surrounding locations.

Good Candidates

Many patients seek to enhance their shape and self-confidence with a Brazilian butt lift procedure. But the patient must meet specific criteria to qualify for this lower body contouring surgery. Ideal Brazilian butt lift candidates exhibit the following:

  • Be in good overall health, as they will likely need to undergo anesthesia and should be able to recover properly from the procedure.
  • Be psychologically sound with reasonable expectations from the Brazilian butt lift.
  • Not smoke, as this can affect their ability to recover well from the surgery. In case the patient is a smoker, the surgeon will require them to stop smoking for a specified duration before and after the Brazilian butt lift surgery.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, as this can also affect the surgical process.

The patient may be a suitable candidate for a Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery if they:

  • Want to add fullness to their buttock. Patients seeking to eliminate excess tissue from their backside may consider a traditional butt lift or other body contouring procedures.
  • Have tried to enhance and tighten the size and shape of the buttocks with nutrition and exercise. A Brazilian butt lift is a serious surgical procedure. Therefore, it should only be undertaken on patients who cannot achieve their desired outcomes in other ways.
  • Have excess fatty deposits in other areas of the body that the surgeon can eliminate with liposuction purify, and use for fat transfer during the butt enhancement procedure. These fatty pockets should be readily accessible, such as love handles around the hips. As the fat will need to be purified, the patient will usually need to provide between three and four times the quantity of fat to be transferred. If the patient lacks excess fat pockets, they may need to put on weight prior to the procedure or consider another option for butt enhancement.
  • Do not have extra loose skin. In the case of sagging skin, the patient may require a traditional butt lift prior to attempting the Brazilian fat transfer technique.
  • Have the appropriate body shape for a Brazilian butt lift. The surgeon can help the patient understand whether adding fullness to the backside will be proportionally correct for their figure.

The plastic surgeon can help the patient determine if they are a suitable candidate for either (or both) of these procedures at the time of the pre-operative consultation. During this initial appointment, the surgeon will discuss the patient’s treatment goals and understand whether there are any factors that could preclude them from receiving Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Cosmetic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD receives patients from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for Brazilian butt lift surgery.

For more information on cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and treatments by Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, Roger Tsai, MD please click here or call us at 310.276.1190. Taking patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Orange County, Southern California and other surrounding cities.

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