What to Expect During Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Eyelid surgery is considered a safe and relatively minor cosmetic surgery procedure. In the hands of an experienced and well-trained plastic surgeon, it involves minimal risk of post-op complications.

But the patient will need to follow specific precautions during the recovery phase. They should be committed to follow the surgeon’s guidelines for a safe and predictable recovery.

During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient on various facets of the recovery phase. The patient should openly ask questions on the approximate downtime and precautions associated with eyelid surgery.

Working professionals should ideally apply for leave from the workplace beforehand in consultation with the surgeon. Astute board certified plastic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD provides eyelid surgery to patients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA , and surrounding locations in The Golden State.

Recovery Phase

The surgeon will usually perform eyelid lift plastic surgery on an outpatient basis. However, in rare cases, the patient may require an overnight stay at the hospital.

The appropriate environment for the immediate post-op period will depend on the surgeon’s evaluation and the patient’s requirements. A majority of patients will need to remain at home for around one week following eyelid surgery.

In a week, most patients can return to work or resume their routine activities. But complete recovery after this procedure can take many weeks. In case the surgeon has placed traditional sutures, they will remove them at the end of week one.

In the initial recovery period, the patient should allow adequate rest to the eyes. The inflammation and redness in the initial week will be more prominent but will resolve gradually.

The eyes may experience exertion due to watching television, using a computer, or reading during the initial recovery phase. Patients should avoid exerting the eyes as it can increase the blood flow to the eyes delaying the recovery process. The patient will notice a more youthful and rested upper face appearance as the bruising and inflammation resolve.

The eyes will look more alert and youthful as the complete outcomes of the blepharoplasty establish. If the patient was experiencing partial vision obstruction due to sagging upper lids, this condition will resolve.

Temporary Side Effects

A common early side effect of blepharoplasty is redness and inflammation around the incision sites. The patient may experience itching, soreness, and dryness in these areas.

Moreover, the eyes may tear excessively. The surgeon may prescribe mild pain medications and a topical cream to ensure that the patient remains at ease while these temporary side effects resolve.

Some patients may experience temporary blurred vision as well as sensitivity to light. These side effects will subside fast as long as the patient sticks to the surgeon’s post-op guidelines.


In the initial two days following blepharoplasty, the patient should use cold compresses over the incision areas to help the inflammation and soreness resolve. In addition, the surgeon may prescribe eye drops if the patient has dry eyes.

The patient should avoid sun and wind exposure according to the surgeon’s advice. The patient can slowly increase activities that cause eye strain. It will take many weeks or months for the complete outcomes of the eyelid surgery to establish as the inflammation resolves fully.

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