What results should I expect after eyelid surgery?

The area around the eyes is one of the first sites to display signs of facial aging. Eyelid lift, also called blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can help address the appearance of under-eye bags and sagging upper lids.

This relatively minor plastic surgery can rejuvenate the facial appearance making a person look years younger.

Board certified plastic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD provides eyelid lift to patients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA , and surrounding communities.

Cosmetic Outcomes

Blepharoplasty can significantly rejuvenate the appearance of tired, droopy eyes. In this procedure, the surgeon eliminates excess skin and fatty deposits from the upper and lower lids. Many patients choose to undergo eyelid lift surgery with other procedures such a brow lift or dermal fillers to treat crow’s feet.

Puffy Upper Lids: Eyelid surgery can improve the appearance of puffiness or under-eye bags.

Tired Looking Eyes: Blepharoplasty can effectively treat the eye areas that cause a person to appear tired and older than they are.

Excess Upper Eyelid Skin: The surgeon can remove excess skin on the eyelid and tighten it.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Outcomes

Upper blepharoplasty enables the surgeon to excise extra skin and fatty pockets that contribute to the appearance of droopy, puffy eyelids. In this procedure, the surgeon will place the incisions within the natural creases of the upper lid to ensure that any future scarring remains discreet.

They will eliminate any excess skin which may be impeding the vision or causing a droopy, tired eye appearance. Some patients may also require muscle repositioning.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Outcomes

The upper eyelid lift cosmetic surgery procedure mainly involves the elimination of sagging skin. However, the lower blepharoplasty procedure also involves the elimination of fat pockets that are more common in the under-eye area. The removal of these fat pockets along with the sagging skin creates a smooth, taut, more youthful surface above the cheek.

On top of this, the lower eyelid lift enables the surgeon to transfer dermal fillers or fat to depleted under-eye areas. This creates plump, youthful skin where the face may have earlier appeared sunken in.

At times, the surgeon redistributes the fat to reduce puffiness and uneven inflammation. In case the patient has lax muscles in this area, the surgeon will tighten these muscles as well during the procedure.

Functional Results

There are various functional advantages of eyelid surgery which can result in vision improvement. The removal of excess skin certainly has cosmetic benefits. But it can also restore the patient’s peripheral vision which may have been obstructed by sagging, droopy lids.

Increased Self-Confidence

Patients usually undergo eyelid lift surgery to correct some perceived aberration that affects the way they feel about their physical appearance. An effective blepharoplasty can make the eyes appear younger and more alert. This may provide the patient with more confidence in their appearance

Long-Term Outcomes

Eyelid lift surgery outcomes typically last for years. Some patients enjoy the benefits of eyelid surgery for their entire lifetimes. Nevertheless, it is important for patients to comprehend that while the fat taken from the eyelids during eyelid lift surgery is eliminated permanently, the natural process of aging may cause the sagging and wrinkling in the skin over time.

Cosmetic surgeon Roger Tsai, MD receives patients from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for eyelid lift.

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